Easton Village Community Web pages.

Welcome to the Easton village web site.

Easton is a Parish four miles north east of Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire.

The small village has not changed significantly over the last 60 years. The main feature of the village is St Peters Church. A playground and post box are the only other facilities here since the two public houses closed down.

Since the 1800s the population has barely changed. At its lowest in 1901, it stood at 79, but typically between 90 and 130 over the years, now currently standing at approximately 165. 

The road out of Easton towards Kimbolton used to be a track covered with grass. Gates across the road protected common land allowing anyone to keep and graze livestock there. However, the gates were removed in the 1940s.

Electricity and mains water supply did not reach Easton until the 1950s, and waste water drainage was only installed in 1972.

             St Peter's Church, Easton