Easton United Charities

Over the last 200 years there were a number of charities set up by benefactors in the Easton Parish. In 1972 they were all brought together and the assets combined to form Easton United Charities.

The charity’s assets are local parcels of land which yield an annual rental income. The management of these assets are the responsibility of the Charity Trustees. The trustees are empowered to assist individuals within the village who demonstrate some level of need, hardship, or distress. Over the last 20 years the Trustees have interpreted the idea of need in a more general way to ensure the income of the Charity continues to be dispersed in the village.

The Charity meets 4 times a year to facilitate the following guidelines; 

- Grants to parents when children are born
- Grants to parents when their children enter secondary school
- Grants to young people when they reach the end of their secondary education
- Grants to young people aged 18 going into secondary education
- Grants to young people aged 19 or over studying at college or university
- Grants to young people during apprenticeships

There are 6 trustees and from within the committee they elect a chairman, secretary, and treasurer. Each trustee serves for a minimum of 4 years and anyone in the village can register their interest in becoming a trustee. For this or any other query
please see the following link for contact details; Easton United Charities