Useful Information and links

Public Transport

Whippet manage the services on the Guided Busway to Cambridge and on many routes throughout Cambridgeshire. They provide a local service to and from Easton on Service 400. As at October 2018 there are 4 services Monday to Friday (no service Saturday, Sunday, or Bank Holidays). The latest timetable can be see online by clicking here (the timetable will open up in a new window). 

Whippet Coaches Ltd can be contacted on 01954 230011

HACT (Huntingdon Association for Community Transport) is a charity serving the Huntingdonshire area of Cambridgeshire to people who have difficulties using conventional modes of transport. We aim to provide accessible, affordable and safe transport services.Although this service is available to all, you must be a member of HACT to use this service.

Call: 01480 411114. Website: HACT


Our Roads

There is now a website that will allow you to drill down to any area and view existing and planned roadworks for the region.

Website: Cambridgeshire Roadworks.


Our Footpaths and Byways

If you find a problem or obstruction on a footpath or bridleway and want to report this to Cambridgeshire County Council then they now have an online Portal when you can drill down into a map and lodge a report of the issue which will then be dealt with.

Website: Cambridgeshire Byways and Highways Portal