Village News

Events and updates affecting the village and surrounding area.

5th June 2019: Hartham Street to remain closed pending review:

Because of the poor state of the surface of this byway the council have agreed that this part of the 3 Shires way will remain closed to vehicular traffic this year. It has not been officially opened to vehicles for a number of years but there is clear evidence that non-agricultural vehicles have been continuing to use this route. If anyone sees and vehicles using the track if you are able to make a note of the registration please report it this via the Council Portal or to the Parish Council contact shown on these web pages.

27th November 2016: Easton Road closure from 9th to 14th of December 2016:

Works are scheduled from the 9th December to the 14th December to reroute power cables under the road at the entrance to the north end of the village. Ground preparation work prior to the actual closure may result in the road only being closed to traffic for 3 days, but this will be subject to the weather conditions at the time. The work will include weekend working to minimise disruption to services such as school buses. Outside of working hours, the use of road plates will be considered to allow light local traffic through but this is not guaranteed.
During this period you will need to consider a diversion via Stow Longa/Spaldwick to access the A14, so potentially allow a little extra time for your journey.
The details of the closure can be seen online at: (entering your post code, and specifying the correct duration that you wish to view).

8th June 2016: Hartham Street to remain closed pending review:

Cambridgeshire County Council have agreed to keep Hartham Street closed due to the poor surface condition of a short stretch. Currently this is temporary and subject to review. The Rights of Way team have agreed to approach and liaise with the Parish Council if they get any requests to open the route.   

6th August 2015: Hartham Street to remain closed to vehicles until at least April 2016:

The Rights of Way Officer for Cambridgeshire County Council issued a temporary closure notice on the byway to Grafham Water from the start of the season in April. The route has now seen significant repairs to the surface and to allow this to settle and prevent further damage, the closure order has been extended until October, which means the earliest the route may see vehicular traffic again will be April 2016. For clarification, the route is open as usual to people on foot, cyclists, and riders.